Mission Statement

Since the Toy Run began in 1992, it has always stuck to a simple formula which has helped allow it to endure all this time. Those of us who have been involved in the event from the beginning have made every effort to maintain this, and we understand that it is important that Core philosophies remain as they were from the beginning. To this end, we have adopted this Mission Statement.

I first put the Missions in writing in 2010 as a way to help ensure that anyone who is interested can see exactly what it is we are trying to do. It is my hope that it may serve to remind us all why we do this and that we are to keep it simple. You may ask why I feel that I am in a position to say what the Original Idea was, and I would answer that I was at the Kitchen Table where this run was first discussed. The Volunteers who Facilitate the event will come and go, and there is no way that any of us can dictate what decisions may be made in the future, but those of us involved today hope that the run continues to hold true to the spirit of an idea put into motion by Michelle Hull and Julie Gibson in 1992.


The Michelle Hull Memorial Toy Run is an annual event Facilitated by a loosely formed group of like minded individuals for the Motorcyclists of the Sunshine Coast.  The goal is a simple one; provide a time and place for a late-season ride while giving the Motorcyclists an opportunity to support their community by donating to local Service Providers and Food Banks.

  • The Toy Run is not affiliated with any Group, Business, Brand or Organization of any kind.
  • The Toy Run is for the Motorcyclists.
  • The Toy Run requires only three things;
    • A place to start
    • A place to end
    • A route that is fun, but safe and simple from one end to the other


Keep it Simple

It is important to KISS… We have seen other small runs like ours fail after only a few years because they got overly complicated. The simple mission stated above will help to keep this from happening here. Some things that would needlessly complicate things include Selling Merch (T-Shirts etc.), Raffles, Accepting Donations from those not participating in the run and allowing other vehicle types to join the run. Participants should try to avoid falling into the trap of wanting to “get as much stuff as we can”. When asked “How can I donate?” by a non-participant they should be politely directed towards any of the Local Service Providers who would happily accept their gift!