Toy Run History

After More Than Thirty Years, it may be hard for some to remember where we started. Do you remember the "Carsen Fiasco"? There are very few of us who have been involved and have attended every one of the runs to date. Even when the Bike is down, we show up to help, or show up on a borrowed ride. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing this thing first hand from its infancy, we will provide a History lesson for you. Check back for Old Photos, as well as all the newspaper coverage from the past.

The original Sunshine Coast Motorcycle Toy Run was started in 1992 by Michelle Hull and Julie Gibson. The idea came up over drinks (as many good ideas do) at Julie’s house. In the early 90’s there was a moderately large Motorcycle Community on the Coast, but few social events to bring them together. The idea was a simple one; get the Local riders together one last time in the season for a fun ride, while giving something back to the community that they both loved by supporting the Coast's own Elves Club.

That first Run started at the Beach Buoy in Davis Bay, proceeded to Robert’s Creek, around Lower Road then back to Sechelt where we stopped at the Lighthouse Pub to drop off the Toys and relax. There were 44 Bikes that year, including riders from Powell River and the Lower Mainland.

We have begun the Ride and ended the Run in a number of locations on the Coast and our Hosts have always been helpful and welcoming. Other than the first year, we have always started in the Gibsons area. Most recently, the Blackfish Pub has warmly welcomed us as the starting location, but we have also started at Gibsons Park Plaza and the old Alcola Warehouse.  Some of the places we have ended the Run are, the Lighthouse Pub, The Wakefield Inn, The Jolly Roger Inn, and Gilligan’s Pub. (a pattern? Perhaps…)

A change in the Name

October 2001 was the Tenth Anniversary of the run, but also proved to be another milestone as well as we began to use the name, Michelle Hull Memorial Motorcycle Toy Run. Michelle died the previous year as result of a car accident, and Lending her name to this great event seemed to be a fitting tribute.